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I help leaders get clear on their message and intricate story that has helped define and shape their business and life. We will get clear on your story and delve into the uniqueness of your why. Clarifying your voice and the message defines the unique value provided by your service and expertise.

From there, it’s seamless to draw in ideal clients and expand your business. A marketing strategy is crucial to create a consistent sales pipeline, repeat, grow and scale your business. We will “Begin with the end in mind”. That way, we will arrive at the desired destination. If this sounds right to you, let’s talk.

Iris Culp

Marketing Strategist & LinkedIn Consultant

I help biz leaders save time in building connections to an ideal audience. This is done by data driven tools to create crisp and compelling branding, message clarity and credibility. Time is money, and the proprietary process developed saves months or years of trial and error and creates an inbound strategy to attract clients and grow influence.‘

Iris Culp

Why Marketing “Strategy”


Have you ever felt (or been told even), “just get out there and market your business….”  Nope. Not even. 

Or, something to the effect of, “you need to blow it up on social media…. (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok etc….) is on fire right now!”  Do something!.

Without a plan, you’re simply lighting your money on fire while standing over a trash can. 

Yes, social media IS an essential leg of any strategy now. What matters most is  WHAT PLATFORM. Then, we drill down into the tactics to make it perform! 

Begin with the end in mind. Start with a plan.We will begin with your ideal client. Define what works best for your firm, your clientele and adjust. That’s the essence and value of creating a marketing strategy. 

We’ll refine your brand, determine how to best get your messaging to “land” with your audience. Your business goals get translated into marketing tactics and objectives. 

While it’s not rocket science, it’s also not for guessing. If you want a guide to marketing results, let’s chat. If we are not a fit at IC Growth, I’ll refer to a trusted partner. Schedule HERE.

What LinkedIn element matters most to you right now?

Brand Building

Brand Building

Content Creation

Content Creation

Client Conversation

Client Conversation

It was amazing! She gave me not only help in doing my LinkedIn, my Facebook, my social media. She also helped me with my events and gave me all kinds of plans and systems to make everything work and so that I could put it into action. She’s fantastic! I love working with her.

Michelle Myrter

Wow! What an amazing amount of information that she has about LinkedIn, how it works and how it can benefit you. I took all of her recommendations and updated my LinkedIn presence. What happened next was great! One of my former colleagues reached out to me unsolicited! That led to a reconnection AND a recurring source of income. So, it works!

Brenda Wilson

I jumped in her masterclass, and I’m so glad that I did. Her knowledge base is amazing. She was able to help us understand the nuances  of LinkedIn as well as throwing in some of her tips and tricks:)!  I was able to take a look at where I was at realistically, and she helped me develop some goals that were achievable. I not only was able to creatively connect with future clients, but I was able to also understand the importance of collaboration on LinkedIn. I highly recommend this class if you have questions about LinkedIn and are looking at growing your business and developing.”

Patty Gerstenberger