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Iris Culp, M.Ed.

Expert Podcast Guest 

Helping six figure, service-based solopreneurs get clear on the brand distinctives, message and positioning.

Once those are crisp and compelling, your marketing efforts will feel like putting warm knife through butter.

Her superpower is cutting through the clutter on LinkedIn. She provides  online training, group coaching as well as corporate and small business training. She has a knack making LinkedIn simpler than it seems.

When asked “how does one find those ideal clients?” Her reply: You don’t.

Once your brand message is crisp and you put it out there consistently, they will find you!


Short Bio

Iris Culp began her career as a writer, and has  20+ years in communications, marketing and organizational development. She has spent a decade as a marketing consultant and specializes in brand message and LinkedIn. She has helped business owners double revenue in less than 24 months with no paid ads.

She is a single parent to  two college aged daughters and enjoys making landscapes beautiful with flowering plants and reading a good book. She believes one can never have too many flowering plants or books.

Long Bio

Iris Culp is the Principal at IC Growth, a marketing consulting and business growth firm. She has more than a decade of marketing experience and has helped clients double their top line revenue in less than 24 months. 

She is fond of saying, “Everyone has a story to tell”. It’s a heartfelt belief she inherited from her mother’s belief that each person matters. She sums it up this way: 

We’ve each lived a life that has a unique story. I have a penchant to help craft the business owner’s story and message so he or she “gets found and understood”. I am completely in my element doing just that.  When the message is clear, the right opportunities FIND YOU!” 

Prior to the current focus of marketing strategies for solopreneurs & micro-business owners, she worked professionally as a writer, as well as 20+ years in Human Resources with a focus on organizational communication.    

She worked in HR leadership roles at American Airlines, Sabre where she led several nationwide initiatives. She earned a master’s degree in adult education and holds multiple HR certifications.

Currently her firm, IC Growth is focused on helping small business owners leverage the power of LinkedIn to organically grow for a consistent  and full sales pipeline. She has developed a signature program in that space titled,  “LinkedIn for Business: 6 Weeks from Questions to Confidence”. 

She describes herself as a “creative analytic” who loves research and data and blends that with a creative twist. She finds it particularly fun to support entrepreneurs who happen to be “fellow introverts” “find an authentic way to tell their own story” and find their ideal audience. In her spare time, she loves to dig in her flower garden, create landscapes, ride motorcycles, and read.   


Topics We Can Discuss

Hear how getting clear on what your ideal client ACTUALLY values helped one firm double revenue in less than 24 months with no ad spend.

What is the most important to get done before a business begins marketing? 

Most common mistakes an early stage business owner makes when launching their marketing efforts. 

Is there a way to know if you’re making any progress on LinkedIn? 

What is, or what does a “lead magnet” do in marketing? 

Questions I Love

Why does a clear brand message make a difference in business today? 

What is the biggest misconception about LinkedIn or other social platforms? 

What is one of the most common misperceptions about LinkedIn today? 

What are the most common mistakes do you see frequently on LinkedIn ?

What’s the most important thing to consider when planning digital marketing?

Why is the hub and spoke strategy so effective?

If a small business owner wants to focus on one digital marketing tactic, which one should they choose?

Where should a small business marketer start? 


Get Found, Connected & Understood 


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