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Marketing Strategy

Let’s tell your specific story in a compelling manner. So, you can move straight to results!

Who Benefits from a Marketing Strategy?

✅ If you business has hit a plateau
✅ Want to pivot your business to draw in a new audience
✅ Perhaps you’ve launched a website, business cards are made; posted on social media but seeking a plan to get clients.

Using IC Growth Strategy Planning Tools, we define and refine your firm’s brand and excavate specific pain points of your ideal clients. Next, we collaborate and create an actionable plan. Here is the six step process used to develop a customized strategy.

1. Define your Ideal Client Avatar (a.k.a. Most Desirable Client)
  • Discover who you wish to attract, while reviewing past client engagements along with assessment of revenue generated via those experiences.
  • Consider if your firm has tools in place to uncover aspirational clients that you may have only dreamed about previously. Strategically examine the demographics, where those ICA spend time and how your firm’s message and reach shows up in that space.
  • Explore opportunities that are under-leveraged and new options that align with your goals.
2. Identify Ideal Client Types (The 'WHO')
  • Determine 3 preferred ideal client types you would ideally replicate.
  • Build the demographic, geographic and psychographic profiles that describe them so it will be easier to find more of them.
  • Align your service offering and pricing with your ICA target.
3. Develop Engaging Messaging (The 'WHAT')
  • Explore the specific struggles and pain points experienced by the ICA.
  • Clearly specify the results your offer/service bring to those points.
  • Choose the audience tools and platform for networking, speaking.
  • Identify your real value, articulating your solution in a specifically branded way.
4. Create your Marketing Roadmap (The 'WHERE")
  • Determine the ideal channels for you and your messages to consistently appear to reach and resonate with your ICA.
  • Consider new ways to get in front of your ideal clients.
  • Co-create an action plan to execute the customized strategy with minimal time, effort and money expenditure.
5. Design your prospecting lists, networking, lead magnets
  • Build and market to a focused prospect list with clear pitches and content messaging.
  • Develop a networking strategy based on the above factors for business success.
  • Strategize engaging lead magnets to support lead generation.
  • Create lead nurturing systems to maximize productivity and ROI.
6. Generate leads and identify resources to execute
  • Develop your “lead generating machine”
  • Develop the steps to engage with your ideal clients.
  • Align with the strategic tools and resources for your firm.

Strategy, goals, tactics are all separate items. It can be easy to be tempted to mix these objectives together and create a lot of activity, without seeing success. I help leaders skip the overwhelm, sort out and create a customized solution and provide support and accountability. It’s important to have a clearly defined roadmap to arrive at your desired destination. Your marketing plan is designed during six strategy sessions.

Thinking Partner

Thinking for 120+ Days

Monthly Marketing Consulting Support

Once a specific plan is established with targeted objectives, your firm can take advantage of a thinking partner status, which also provides email, text and flexible support options. 

This includes access to a curated list of networking partners and provides private introductions to benefit your firm. 

These strategy and accountability meetings are customized for each client situation and the investment is curated accordingly. It not only provides 1 to 1 access to Iris’s expertise, but also her extensive network and curated resources to save you time, money and doing your own research.


Have a Discovery Consultation and I look forward our conversation!

Flexible Marketing Support

Strategy in place and need some extra support? We have various levels of support which can easily adapt for peak and off-peak times to fill a need; 

“ Coaching provides a catalyst for seeing current situations from a new vantage point and provides a thought partner who is focused on your growth and success. It provides clarity and a focused strength unlike any other experience. ” -Iris Culp