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My Favorite Things

Let’s tell your specific story in a compelling manner. So, you can move straight to results!

My favorite things during the weekend are to beautify the world with flowering plants and beautiful arrangement of growing things. This can include, entertaining friends as well as pulling leaves, barbequeing and having a fire pit moment with pure people. I also love to create flowers and arrange plants to bring beauty each spring, summer and fall.

I get a lot of JOY from helping others discover impactful way to “tell their story” . That is my passion and purpose that underlies what is generally called “marketing and defining a personal brand.” I get to do that in my business, which I find exhilarating, challenging and mostly a privilege!

Other things are driving motorcycles and taking walks. I also love to make flowers, flowering plants and bushes come alive every season of the year. Maybe this is inherent somehow, with my name and my grandma Lily (a true hero in my book). In any event, here are some of the favorite flowering spaces I’ve had a hand in bringing to life. `

Now, on to business, these are fav things that helped my entrepreneur colleagues grow, scale and automate their business. I’ve got each one of these tools and neither used or have used in the past and they are my favorites. Hope you enjoy these selection of recommendations.

Welcome to my Page of Favorite Resources


A client once told me the tools I had recommended to organize her incoming clients and systems saved her “so much time” that list of tools was worth THOUSANDS of dollars to her. So, right then I started to write the list down all in one place. Now, I have a full list of what I wish I’d known when I went completely online.

Below you will see a list of cool tools, some of which have affiliate links and others without. Purchasing via my referral link comes at no cost to you. Often, you even get an exclusive discount for purchasing via my link! I consider that a total win-win situation. You will likely be purchasing these tools ANYWAY because most of these tools are essentials when it comes to running a service based business.

FYI, I don’t recommend things for the sake of having something on my list. Each one I personally use (or have before moving into my next phase of business).

Scroll down to see the tools I recommend 👇


✅ Full-Featured Email Service Provider


Email tool with options for lead magnet and housing customer lists. Offers customizable sign-up forms and landing pages to help bring in more email subscribers.


✅ Online Course Creation


Email tool with options for lead magnet and housing customer lists. Ideal software for creating doable and “chunking” content, interaction with students and a bit of gamification is here.


✅ Client Management Software


Online Systems for proposals, invoicing, managing leads and much more. If you subscribe now, you’ll get 20% off.


✅ Online Business Software


All-in-one software platform that gives you everything you need to build and grow your online business from A-Z.


✅ Online Graphic Design Tool


Create Your own Social media graphics and much more…


✅ Personality Platform for Business


Tool to help understand prospects in advance of conversation that uses artificial intelligence and basis of DiSC assessment or Ennegram.


✅ Podcasting


If you are looking to grow your online visibility via podcasting, whether as a guest on a podcast, or already have a podcast, here is my favorite resource. It’s the perfectly created space to land aligned interviews (for both sides of the conversation)

The Podcast Collaborative

It’s simply genius!

For $14.99/month, it saves countless hours of scouting for qualified guests or appropriate guest speaking opportunities. Wow. That’s such a simple decision for me. It’s not only fun, it’s efficient AND effective in connecting you with appropriate collaborators. You get to choose the “air table” you sit at, according to your topical area and interest, so you know you are meeting people in your ideal space. I’ve met some rockstar business owners there; turns out some of those rockstar folks turned into clients. So, it’s a win-win community all the way around!


✅ Customer Relationship Management


Mimiran is perfect for micropreneurs to manage their key contacts in a way that actually makes it easy and sustainable. Every other CRM I considered was way too big and clunky for the regular micro or solopreneur.

This one is “just right” 👌! Here is a link for a free trial to check it out

💡 If you buy something from an organization above based on a recommendation that I make, first I’ll be very happy, because these tools I have vetted carefully vetted and I care about your success.  Secondly, some of the services listed may be buying a dinner for me and/or daughters  because I may get compensated by the seller. That is if all the cookie settings work correctly! 🙂 💡