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LinkedIn for Business: ‘Profile that Produce’

Event by IC Growth

Type: Online Event | Paid
Date & Time: Recurring

  • SEPTEMBER 26, 27 & 28
  • OCTOBER 4 & 5


🤔 How long has it been since you updated your LinkedIn profile?

If you’re like most LinkedIn users, it has been a while since you
updated your profile and it’s not clear what the new “rules” are for attracting clients.

Maybe a few tweaks, but you’ve not focused and taken the time to turn your profile into a lead generating tool.

It’s likely been on your to-do list for ages for a while, but it’s one
of those things that you feel will distract you from the urgent day-to-day tasks that you need to get done.

You know others currently use their profiles to generate business opportunities. But you feel overwhelmed by everything that goes into creating a fully branded profile.

You might have even considered hiring someone to fix it for you, but you’re not willing to pay $1,000+ for the service… which is what some charge!

But still, you wished your profile looked more professional and compelling. You know that a polished profile is the key to increase your influence, build a strong brand and create new opportunities on LinkedIn.

Without the right foundation, any other marketing or sales activity you try won’t be as effective.

Imagine, seeing a post from someone that clearly defines in their headline what they do, vs. from someone that a job title or something “clever” but not clear in headline.

Yep, a profile makes a huge difference.

If you’ve ever thought…..

“How can I have a LinkedIn profile that attracts, engages and converts ideal clients?”

“How do I position myself so I stand out in my field rather than contribute to the noise?”

…then you should join Profiles that Produce “boot camp” where we get it done in a few hours during a couple of days.