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Social Media Images Package

Let’s tell your specific story in a compelling manner. So, you can move straight to results!

Package A.

We create custom images per your request. Then we email them
to you for handling and posting. 

IMAGES (8 images)

$229/ Month (3 month Minimum)

Package B.

You provide the text/copy. We create your custom images, include your hashtags and post on your behalf.

IMAGES & POSTING (12 images)

$379/ Month (3 month Minimum)

Website Design Creation for WordPress

Quality & Design Satisfaction!!!

Service Include:

Content Posting

Fully Professional Design and Fast loading

  • E-Commerce Website
  • Google SEO friendly
  • Responsive design tablet, desktop & mobile
  • Easy backup to maintain the website
  • Error Free Coding
  • Premium Design
  • HD slider and Secure Login
  • More… 

Website Delivery- Please review your website for technical issues- Warranty for 30 days. 

20 Days Delivery Unlimited Revisions Technical 30 days

What’s Included

  • Design Customization
  • Content Upload Only ( any changes are additional extra cost
  • Responsive Design

$900 – $1400

$900 – $1400 (4 Pages – Ready to go content (900) | 4 Pages – 2 Sessions of Content Collaboration & Editing Review (1400)

Do It Yourself

Important note:

Please contact me before you place your order. It’s important to discuss your project. This way I can deliver you the best service possible.

About the me.

There are parts of business ownership that have paralleled my parenting journey. In early-stage parenting, as in the early stage of my business, I would too easily defer to an authority figure or what seemed “logically” the best.

Now, I am more aware of the brevity of time to live and do. I don’t wish to waste ANY time, or follow someone else’s approach when it does not resonate or “fit me”.

As a business owner, it’s important to seek out expert opinions and gather relevant information. Don’t ever be convinced to ignore your own wisdom that you have built in creating your business. Gather expert opinions and explore ideas, but don’t just follow someone because they “are the experts”. My perspective is to gather expertise AND trust your instincts.

Today, I listen to my “business instinct” earlier on. Sometimes I remind myself, “Iris, you are not a fit for everyone”. Likewise, I encourage you to listen to your own business instinct early on in the journey. The consummate word smith, Shakespeare said it so well 500+ years ago, “To thine own self be true.” Couldn’t agree more.

Iris Culp